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Acrylic paint is my typical medium of choice;

I enjoy the flexibility and the quick drying times it offers.
It also allows me to feel my way through a painting by "sculpting" an image,

layer by layer, with greater control.

Although acrylic has my heart, I love exploring with other unlikely mediums
such as: smoke, chalk, coffee, and homemade inks.


My style tends to be fairly detailed - the tone being realism meets fairytale.

Recently, the incorporation of a more abstract treatment has made its way into my work.
I love the intuitive aspect of this style, and find it adds a deeper layer of information and interest.

I gravitate toward painting wildlife, and work to express the magic I see there.

I enjoy hiding little symbols and subtle elements in my paintings.


My process begins by closing my eyes and transporting my mind to another world. 
Tuning into the essence of a creature, I then work to capture its movement and energy with
a few swift pencil lines; I become the owl, bursting into flight, as my pencil traces my own trajectory.
After laying out the flow, I start putting down the paint and molding it into form.

Although I may set a particular intention for a painting, I don’t usually know exactly where
the piece will take me - it may take several unexpected turns along the way.

At times, I wonder if I’ve ruined it, only to return after lunch and be taken by surprise
at the sudden realization that it’s finished; I can put down the brush.

The Process: Bio


It excites me to see the play of light on a dark sea.

I hold my breath for the brave bird that ventures a little too deep into an unknown forest.

I feel my throat tighten for the child, alone on the edge of the playground.
I cheer for life as it strives to become; I feel it, and I want to paint it.

- - - 

It is an honour to play a role in what people choose to put into their landscapes. I take pleasure in knowing these pieces have brought life to a home, lifted a spirit, or set a healing tone in a space.

It is particularly touching to have the opportunity to witness, first-hand, the emotions that some of these works evoke. It moves me to want to paint more; this exchange is the breath of art.

I love that even when I am done creating, the journey and dialogue of that painting is just beginning.

The Process: Bio

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