It excites me to see the play of light on a dark sea.
I hold my breath for the brave bird that ventures a little too deep into an unknown forest. I feel my throat tighten for the child on the edge of the playground; she may be grown now, but a part of her is still standing
there on the edge.


The recognition of myself in the eyes of others startles me… the woman, the bird, the light. I cheer for life as it strives to become. I feel it and I want to paint it.

Medium & Process

Red Oil Paint

I start by drawing movement and energy; I become the owl, bursting into flight, as my pencil traces my own trajectory. After laying out the flow, I start putting down the paint and molding it into form. Acrylic paint and a standard school pencil are my typical mediums. I enjoy hiding little symbols and subtle elements in my paintings. 


Although I may set a joyful intention for a painting, I don’t usually know exactly where the piece is going, and the image might take several turns along the way.


At times, I wonder if I’ve ruined it, only to return after lunch and be taken by surprise at the sudden realization that it’s finished; I can put down the brush.

Jeanne James-Hory, Visual Artist

Jeanne James-Hory

I believe every one of us has beauty to offer this world!
We are all needed and are here at this time to express with the gifts we were given.


I love to tune into whatever's messaging through in a day and put it onto the canvas.
Of course I love to hear gasps when people see my work; there are many different reactions on a lot of levels.
It is thrilling to be a part of that conversation. I love being a part of what people choose to put into their landscape, and that my work has been a part of healing and joy and really every kind of emotion.

This exchange is the breath of art... what the artist did, what was seen, what totally interesting and unexpected direction someone can take their interpretation of a piece...
I love that even when I am done "creating", the journey and dialogue of that painting is just beginning.


Flotsam and Jetsam:

  • I live at the tip of Vancouver Island, Canada

  • Mother of 27 and 7 year old

  • Own a martial arts dojo with my husband

  • Aikido practitioner since 1999

  • Owner of a physical art gallery (new venture)

  • Bears get stuck in our entryway sometimes

  • Volunteer fire fighter since 2010

  • Love swing dancing Lindy Hop style

  • Am a hermit, except sometimes

  • Can create amazing balloon animals & unicycle

  • My favourite thing is spiritual growth adventuring

  • Jeanne James-Hory is pronounced: "Jeannie James Horie"

This year's mantras...



I thrive outside my COMFORT ZONE!

Starting the Creative Engine

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working" -Picasso

©2020 Jeanne James-Hory Art

Shadow on Concrete Wall

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